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Apprecihated World


The Literary Battle of Britain


Der Brite als solcher


Shäkespeare lässt grüßen


Die Briten


The Führer-Shine






Bonn Satire






Brexit News









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The Daily Fun


‘Pool Position’


Trooping the Colour German style We care, so we share!”


Pirate Hymn of National Unity

German Diet á la Carte You just book it, they will cook it

A New British Empire Made in Germany


British High Teck Vorsprung durch Tarnung


The British Revolution


The Aftermath


Dangerous Passage to the Continent


How 'Love' shortened dole queues in Britain


The Anglo-German Pig War – A woeful story of the past


Euro-vision 1999 The Rise and Fall of a Currency


“I want my nuggets back” German Chancellor not to chicken out  


A Greek Tale to Wag the Daily Mail


The Rise of a Prince or The Turmoil of a Continent


  Part I    The Royal President – Prince Charles to ‘Wolff’ down German nation


  Part II   Charlemagne II – Prince of Wales to re-create Holy Empire


  Part III   The Irish connection – Pope to hit back  or  Money talks


  Part IV   A Salomonian Verdict  or  The EU still at work


  Part V   The Final Act


A short History of European Rule


Honi soi qui mal y pense – Britain’s concern of the highest order


The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, adapted and retold


Anglo-German Christmas Carol 2012 – When we were Pope and Britain was pregnant


Maggie Dead in Bed with ‘Fritz’  When The Sun ain’t gonna shine no more!


The cruelty of love


Six times Zero equals Wealth – Making use of strange views


Giving England the Blues


Berlin’s Statue of Victory


2066  – The German Conquest  or “The New Battle of Dorking”













In 1957 the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first Earth satellite. This event shook the Western World and was called the Sputnik Crisis. It made the US-Congress pass the National Defence Education Act, pouring billions of dollars into their education system.


40 years later in 1997, unnoticed by the British Government and public, an unknown German writer launched his English book Apprecihated World, which 15 years later was followed by his main work The Literary Battle of Britain. The author himself describes his modest last volume as a milestone in modern European literature and sees himself as being in the vanguard of those German and European writers that are set on conquering one of the most important bastions of British society: the British Sense of Humour itself. Since it is believed that large parts of British society lack sufficient knowledge of the modern post war German culture and the German language a major counter offensive into the German cultural heartland is not expected. It takes more than just a stiff upper lip to win this intercultural battle. But then, as the British say: The proof of the pudding is in the eating!


We are anxious to know whether the British will invite us to eat that pudding with them on their own battlefields at home or are brave enough to eventually venture out to feed it to the German lion in its den.









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