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in English


Audacious, Humorous, Provocative



11 x 17,5 cm

94 pages

10,80 EUR



Book orders post-free within Germany at


Buchbestellungen versandfrei in Deutschland bei



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11 The Führer-Shine

German licence to conquer Britain by car


12 Junckers Ltd.      

Britain’s new Challenge


14 Auf in den Kampf ...

Oh, What a Lovely ....jpg


28 Corbyn cutting his suit according to his cloth


30 “Aufbau North”

Swollowing Pride and Prejudice


32 Scotch on the Rocks

England’s Blend of Hope and Glory


39 Letter from America

Volkswagen’s Trump Card

‘The Presidential Cheetah’


43 The Promised Land

The tempting sound of an English word


69 Fake News


70 The ominous and sinister McPye

A story written with the likelihood of bias


76 German Epilogue


German Delicacies

The WURST is still the best


Germany first! – Say “JA” to Dexit


83 British Epilogue


I have a cream ...


Britain on a sharp edge


British handyman


The Lion’s Pen


Leap in the dark


Global Britain – Sweet and sour


High Wire Act – Back to the future


The Month of Merry May


91 Remember, Remember ...




To the British people


My most respected British friends I fear

there are some things you do not want to hear.

My words – that can be sharp and also lax –

audaciously reveal some hidden facts

that shape the inmost spirit of our nations

and influence our mutual relations.

Yet if you take them with a pinch of salt,

forgive the odd mistake and random fault,

my words may be regarded as a gift.

They seek to understand and heal our rift.



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