The Rise and Fall of a Currency


When Europe’s currencies were in decline

towards the end of nineteen ninety-nine

the artful German banker Rudolf Fritz

prepared a devious financial blitz.

As he had realized the British Pound

would be forever stable strong and sound

he very cunningly devised a scheme

that acted to fulfil his lifelong dream.



At work his voice turned spiteful and defiant

when he confided to each German client

their economic future would be dark

without the Pfennig and the German Mark.

He said the safest way of getting round

the Euro was to buy the British Pound,


. . .


Although the outcome was quite contradictory

the German press announced it as a victory

. . .


And lately there were rumours that in France

some senior ministers were in a trance

because they’d heard the pleasing golden sound

of this fine money call the ‘New Deutsch Pound’



(a story of 10 verses)


* * *


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