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 Der Brite als solcher    Shäkespeare lässt grüßen

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Songs & CDs

Inspired by the romantic touches of some of Rainer Triller's poems and the hilarious way he writes about various aspects of mundane life his friend and composer Uwe Gronau (www.uwe-gronau.de)  set some of the texts from Apprecihated World to music.  

Rainer Triller first met Uwe Gronau in Bonn in February 1991. Teaching together at the Collegium Josephinum for eighteen months they enriched the daily school life by joining their creative skills and talents. From this rather short time of constructive cooperation a close friendship developped that resulted in a long period of extremely productive work.

Not only did Rainer Triller write some very interesting lyrics for Uwe Gronau but he also produced some illustrations for one of Uwe's earlier CDs. Two of those illustrations are included in the book of Apprecihated World. The following titles from Apprecihated World have been released on two CDs in addition to Uwe's own compositions and lyrics:



CD 1:

The Beauty of the Sea


The story of my life

Controlled lover


CD 2:

A sign of love

Toddler's lament


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