Dangerous Passage to the Continent


I wandered lonely up and down

and on my face there was a frown.

I stared towards the barren hills

with all those withered daffodils

and thought of our country's state,

its present plight and future fate,

then pensively sat by a tree

and sipped my cup of English tea.


Our past it was so infinitely glorious

and our armies ever so victorious.

At home we proudly waved the Union Jack

when royal members crossed our track.

We joined the local cricket club,

played darts in every village pub,

while noblemen found it quite pleasant

to stalk a fat domestic pheasant.


. . .


There was a mighty big endeavour

to end, yes, virtually sever

all links with pompous Eurocrats

and other vicious bureaucrats.


. . .


(a story of 20 verses)

January 1997




From Apprecihated World

ISBN 3-00-002184-1

All rights reserved.


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