The Anglo-German Pig War


A woeful story of the past


Some frightening news  was once released

when rabies hit the German East:


The German Forestry Commission

was given veterinary permission

to send the carcasses of foxes

in special oak and pine-tree boxes

to farmers in financial need

as concentrated piglet feed.


. . .

the Germans put all doubts aside

until a lot of pigs had died

of some disease called PFC

which caused a national tragedy .


. . .


In Downing Street  they made provisions

for crucial national decisions.

And British threats are not just talk

they put a ban on German pork .


. . .


Today the press announced relieved

that things were not as one believed:

. . .


lt was not fatal PFC

but only harmless BSE.

. . .

PFC = Porcular Forunculous Corosis


(a story of 18 verses)


June 1996



From Apprecihated World

ISBN 3-00-002184-1

All rights reserved.

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