The British Revolution



Thick fog was falling slowly on Big Ben

one very cold November night at ten,

and Parliament still standing tall and proud

was vanishing behind a watery shroud.

A spooky stillness hovered in the air

and filled the dimly lit, deserted square.


. . .

the honourable members of this House

had once again relapsed into a drowse,

when suddenly a bunch of eager whips

appeared with vulgar phrases on their lips.


. . .

They kept the House of Commons on its course

to bring the Maastricht Treaty into force.

. . .


The Queen, Prince Charles, Prince Philip and Queen Mum

and other royal VIPs had come

to join the honest people of this land

that soon this Euro-nonsense should be banned!

. . .


(a  story of 15 verses)

July 1997




From Apprecihated World


ISBN 3-00-002184-1


All rights reserved.


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